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    Sigh Off Network 逃離網絡

    Source:     2019-06-26  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

    Nowadays, with the development of scienceand technology, the network provides us with great convenience, such as thevideo phone, webcam meeting, the world has become smaller and smaller. Becausethe network is so convenience, lots of people seem to be more relying on it thanbefore, especially for the young generation, most of them are already addictedto it.


    Maybeyou can see this kind of people around you, they play computer or cell phoneanytime when they are free. The last thing they do before they go to bed isplay cell phone, and the first thing they get up to do is pick up the phone. Theyare so urge to refresh the micro-blog, they panic when they miss the latestnews. Moreover, those net citizens are more prefer net socialize than thereality one, they could chat with the one in the internet for a long time aboutanything, but they find it hard to talk to the person face to face.


    Relyon network too much could be dangerous. Many people play computer or cell phonewith inappropriate pose, it could cause short eyes or other illness. What’smore, many people like to surf the internet with cell phone when they arewalking, in this case, they will pay less attention to the situation aroundthem, they might easily get hit by car.


    Thenetwork bring us great convenience, still, we live in reality. We should getfar away from the internet sometimes, it is better to feel the reality, eventhough it might cruel to you.


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