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    Source: 恒星英語學習網    2017-10-05  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

    Watch movies

    Watching the movie version of your favorite book isn’t just a guilty pleasure, it’s also a vocabulary booster.

    “If you see the movie version of your favorite book you’re likely to have a deeper understanding and knowledge of the words in it,” says Neuman. “Seeing and reading something on the same topic is really important.” The phenomenon is called dual coding; you read something, then see it on the screen and end up remembering better because you have a visual representation, she says.

    Make good use of your tablet

    Next time you’re reading an e-book and come across a word you don’t know, try highlighting it with your finger and looking for the option to look it up.

    Many tablets provide a dictionary definition in a little bubble, so you wont lose your place or have to switch between Google and your novel.

    Read magazines

    Don’t just flip through your favorite magazine, really read it. That means don’t just look at the pictures or skim product roundups; pay attention to the articles and photo captions.

    According to the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, magazines on topics you’re interested in like sports, interior decorating, or health are filled with words you probably don’t think to use in your daily conversations.

    When you read the next issue, keep an eye out for the words you learned the month before; chances are, you’ll remember what they mean this time.

    Listen to how words sound

    Many people won’t remember tricky words unless they come across them frequently.

    But if you hear a word that you think sounds interesting, you become word conscious and start using it yourself, says Neuman.

    Get out of the house

    “Going places and having new experiences are great ways to build new knowledge. Go to a museum or take advantage of other opportunities where you live. When you open your eyes to new experiences and people, you also get new words,” says Neuman.


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