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    Source: 恒星英語學習網  Onion  2009-02-05  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

    If you have been laid off, your new occupation is looking for work.

    "It is a full-time job, probably the hardest one you'll every have," says Leslie G. Griffen, an HR consultant, career coach, and principal of The Griffen Group.

    HR顧問、職業輔導,同時也是The Griffen Group老總的Leslie G. Griffen說,“你要找一份全職工作,這可能是你要做的事情中最難的!

    But once you have browsed the job ads and sent emails to your former colleagues, what do you do with the remaining seven hours of the day?

    The answer "is going to really change depending on the person and their style," says Marianne Adoradio, a Silicon Valley recruiter and career counselor.
    職業顧問Marianne Adoradio說,答案是“要去真正的改變你依賴的人和他們的方式!

    Experts offer this tips for filling your days -- and accelerating your job search:

    1. Read industry magazines. You'll keep up on new developments in your field, and many contain job listings as well.

    2. Create a list of companies where you'd like to work. Use your connections to make contact with people who work at them. You don't need to ask them directly for a job; just call them to "talk about what it's like to work there," Griffen says.

    3. Branch out. Consider whether a hobby could lead to a new career, for example, or whether you should learn a new skill.


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