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    國際英語新聞:Britain witnesses hottest day of this year on Saturday

    Source: Xinhuanet    2019-06-30  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

    LONDON, June 29 (Xinhua) -- Temperatures soared in the UK on Saturday as the island country saw its hottest day of the year.

    A scorching 34 degrees Celsius was recorded at Heahtrow and elsewhere in west London, making it one of the warmest June days for about 40 year,the Met Office said.

    It said this was just short of the 35.6 degrees Celsius June record set in 1976.

    The National Health Service (NHS) England and emergency services have issued warnings to the public to take care in the hot weather.

    The Met Office also issued yellow warnings of thunderstorms and lightning for parts of northern England and southeast Scotland for Saturday evening.

    Temperatures are expected to drop overnight across the UK as cold air moves in from the Atlantic, sweeping away the humidity, BBC said.

    Friday was previously the warmest day of 2019, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius at Achnagart in the country's Highlands.

    A heatwave across Europe saw France recorded its all-time high temperature of 45.9 degrees Celsius on Friday.

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