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    Source: 恒星英語學習網    2019-07-03   English BBS   Favorite  

    Some friends and family members expected something out of the ordinary when Eddie Bogart and Robert Lee were married two years ago in New Castle, Pennsylvania. We had a lot of people expecting or you know being interested or wanted to know what our wedding would be like. But what they witnessed was a traditional and legally binding ceremony that publicly validated their loving relationship and Commitment. It puts us equal to everybody else I think you know and to me a marriage as a marriage whether it’s a gay marriage or a straight marriage. Four years ago the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in a ruling that helped advance lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in America. Today 60% of Americans support same-sex marriage compared to 60% who opposed it 15 years ago according to the Pew Research Center.

    While opposition to same-sex marriage in the US may be in decline, it is still a powerful force in politics. Christian groups have used this issue to mobilize support even among some religious Democrats, for President Trump who has embraced conservative values. I think this is a problem for the Democratic Party that as they become increasingly radical and increasing tied to increasingly radical social policies. It’s going to be harder and harder for some of these some of their historical supporters to continue to support them. But the strong support or Democratic presidential contender Pete Budaj may undermine that argument. The South Bend Indiana mayor who is gay and married to another men is one of a rising number of LGBT politicians who advocates say have benefited from being open about their sexuality. Voters feel like if they’re being honest and open about who they are in something like you know their sexuality, that means they’re gonna be open and honest across the board with voters. Politics aside, same-sex relationships in the US have become increasingly part of the diverse fabric of America. With Bobbi and Eddie breaking down bias in their community by being just another married couple.
    Brian Padden, VOA News, New Castle, Pennsylvania.

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