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    BBC環球慢速英語 第253期:聽眾來信(7)

    Source: BBC    2019-07-05   English BBS   Favorite  

    voice 1: And finally today, we want to answer a question that we have received from many Spotlight listeners. Many people want to hear old Spotlight programs. Maybe you want to hear more programs in a series of programs. Perhaps you missed a program and want to listen to it. Or maybe you just want to listen to a particular program more than once.

    voice 2: Well, on our website, you can find all of our old programs. There, we have the scripts to every Spotlight program. We also have the audio to many recent programs. Every week we play four brand new programs, and three old ones. We cannot send the programs to you, but we can help you find a program that you are interested in.

    voice 1: If you have any questions about Spotlight, you can e-mail us. Our e-mail address is radio@english.net. Or do you have an idea for a Spotlight program? You can also email us your ideas.

    That is all we have time for today. We would like to thank Czeslaw, Augusto, Giathahn and our friend in China for writing.

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