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    Source: 恒星英語學習網    2019-07-04  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

    Following on the opening success of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Disney is moving forward with construction on its Marvel Land theme park expansion.
    繼《星球大戰:銀河邊緣》(Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge)首映大獲成功之后,迪士尼正在推進漫威樂園(Marvel Land)的擴建計劃。

    According to The Los Angeles Times, Disney has already begun work on the building the new park which will be located at Disney's California Adventure.

    The Marvel park will replace A Bug's Life Land and is set to include character meet-and-greets, gift shops, a Spider-Man-themed adventure, a microbrewery, and much more. Currently the area under construction has been blocked off by walls that read "Stark Industries."

    Disney's Marvel Land expansion is expected to open next year. More details surrounding the park are expected to be shared at this year's D23 Expo being held in Anaheim, California which will run from August 23-25.

    For more theme parks, Studio Ghibli Park will 0pen in Japan in 2022.


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