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    Section A: 1-8
    1. C) A project with a troublesome client.
    2. A) take wedding photos.
    3. B) Nervous.
    4. A) start her own bakery.
    5. C) They have to be more responsible for what they do.
    6. D) Behave like adults.
    7. B) Those who respect her student commitments.
    8. D) Those conductive to their academic studies. 

    Section B: 9-15
    9. A) They break away from traditional ways of thinking.
    10. B) They resulted in a brandnew style of skiing technique.
    11. C) He won three gold medals in one Winter Olympics.
    12.D) They die almost instantly.
    13.A) It has an instant effect on your body chemistry.
    14. D) To enjoy good health while in dark moods.
    15. A) They are closely connected.

    Section C: 16-25
    16. B) They focus their attention on different things.
    17. D) They attach great importance to high performance.
    18. C) It supports a piece of conventional wisdom.
    19. D) The great variety of slimming products.
    20. B) They appear strange.
    21. A) Culture and upbringing.
    22. A) The relation between hair and skin.
    23. B) Adaptation to the hot environment.
    24. C) The skin coloring.
    25. A) The genetic makeup began to change.


    Pasta is no longer開頭
    26-30     ILBNG       31-35   EOADC
    26. I ) minimum
    27. L) shooting
    28. B) championed
    29. N) systematic
    30. G) lumped
    31. E) contribute
    32. O)weighing
    33. A) adverse
    34. D) contrary
    35. C) clinical


    The Best Retailers開頭
    36-40 MGDIC  41-45 HFOAK


    Passage One——Professor Stephen開頭
    46-50   BCADC
    46. B) It might be a blessing or a disaster in the making.
    47. C) It was extremely important to the destiny of humankind.
    48. A) The shift of research focus from the past to the future.
    49. D)Super-intelligence may eventually ruin mankind.
    50. C) They share the same concerns about AI as academics.
    Passage Two——The market for products開頭
    51-55 BCDAB
    51. B)They want to have a share of the seniors' goods market.
    52. C)collect residents' feedback on their products.
    53. D) It is a communication system via TV instead of a computer.
    54. A) Winning trust from prospective customers.
    55. B) They are quite at ease with high-tech products.


    Chinese idioms are a unique expression in Chinese, mostly composed of four Chinese characters. They are highly concise and formally fixed, but they usually express a profound meaning in an image. Most of the idioms come from ancient Chinese literary works, usually related to certain myths, legends or historical events. If you don’t know the source of an idiom, it’s hard to understand its exact meaning. Therefore, learning idioms helps people better understand traditional Chinese culture. Idioms are widely used in daily conversations and literary creation. Proper use of idioms can make a person’s language more effective and communication more effective.


    The Power of Team Spirit and Communication in Working

    There is a famous saying going like this, “People with one mind will remove Mount Tai.”, which informs us of the significance of team spirit in our work. In addition, the good communication among work colleagues has been an essential quality that has been promoted in the working environment over recent years.
    For one thing, we should always bear in mind that in such a competitive world, no individual or organization can achieve success without collaboration. If every individual in a group can work together actively, those once deemed unrealizable tasks for one single person can be efficiently accomplished through joint efforts. For another, I personally agree that an argument may be a shortcut between two hearts, which indicates that communication among people is of utmost importance. Communication, which has been recognized to improve the working efficiency is the basis of our work. Some problems in our work can only be solved through active and effective communication.
    It is evident that without the mentioned elements above, working relationships can break down, so we can never neglect the role of team morale and communication played in the workplace.


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