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    Source: 恒星英語學習網    2019-06-21  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  


    26-30  GMALC     31-35 FJOIE
    26. G) habitats
    27. M) stripped
    28. A) create
    29. L) stretches
    30. C) eventually
    31. F) exterior
    32. J) investment
    33. O) victim
    34. I) intentionally
    35. E) exploring


    標題:Make Stuff, Fail, And Learn While You’re At It
    36-40  ELHFA    41-45  JGNDI


    Passage One——Most kids開頭
    46-50  DDBAD
    46. D) Exhibit their artistic creations in an old house.
    47. D) They are mostly passers-by.
    48. B) They expressed their thoughts in graffiti on the theme of each session.
    49. A) It is a historic site that attracts tourists and artists.
    50. D) It has created some meaningful artistic works.
    Passage Two——Online開頭
    51-55 ACABD
    51. A) Patients may not be able to carry them through for effective cure.
    52. C) Their easy and inexpensive access by patients.
    53. A) Online CBT programs are no more effective than regular care from physicians.
    54. B) Their effectiveness should not be overestimated.
    55. D) Human interaction.


    Paper-cutting is a unique and special form of Chinese folk art, with a history of 2,000 years. Paper-cutting is likely to come from the Han Dynasty, after the paper was invented. Since then, it has gained popularity in the famous places in China. The materials and tools used for paper cutting are simple: paper and a knife. Paper-cut works are usually made of red paper, because red is associated with happiness in traditional Chinese culture. Therefore, in weddings, Chinese New Year and other festive occasions, red-colored paper-cutting is the first choice to decorate doors and windows.


    Hope Elementary School

    Nowadays, there are an increasing number of students in college choosing to participate in various kinds of volunteer work. Last week the student union organized an activity of visiting a Hope Elementary School, which made a deep impression on me. It is with great satisfaction to see the positive development of the children in the Hope Elementary School.
    By taking part in this activity, I learned more about what a Hope Elementary School can benefit children. Firstly, more opportunities are offered to them. The Hope Elementary school aims to help dropouts go back to school and improve educational conditions in poor regions. Secondly, The Hope Elementary School can contribute to the improvement of national quality. More and more children can have the chance to enjoy high-quality education resources.
    In a word, I hope more and more Hope Elementary Schools can be built to benefit more and more children.


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