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  • 英語資訊


    Source: 恒星英語學習網    2019-06-21  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  


    Section A: 1-7
    1. B) Safety concerns.
    2. D) It plays an important role in the nation’s economy.
    3. C) To rescue two sick american workers.
    4. A) The darkness and cold.
    5. D) With a full-sized helicopter.
    6. B ) He has rich experience in flying.
    7. C ) Do something fun and creative.
    Section B: 8-15
    8. D) To arrange the delivery of a package.
    9. C) She is not at home.
    10. B) He will be working somewhere else.
    11. A) Sign her name.
    12. B) study abroad
    13. C) Rather depressed
    14. D) He has to finish an assignment
    15. A)Say goodbye to the woman at the airport
    Section C: 16-25
    16. C)Its height changes with each volcanic eruption.  
    17. D) They make good fields for farming. 
    18. B) They feed on certain small mammals.
    19. A) He is self-employed.
    20. B) Loving the work they do.
    21. A) It does not come to anything without hard work.
    22. C) It evolved in the mid-1970s.
    23. C) She hated to see her idling about.
    24. A) After she started teaching English.
    25. B) It has made her happy and energetic.


    Just because they can’t  sing opera or ride a bicycle開頭
    26-30  CIKJA     31-35 BOGFM
    26. C) brutal
    27. I) image
    28. K) refined
    29. J) literally
    30. A) acquired
    31. B) adaptations
    32. O) thrive
    33. G) habitats
    34. F) extends
    35. M) speculate


    標題:Living with parents edges out other living arrangements for 18- to 34-year-olds
    36-40 HEGBK    41-45  FIHJG


    Passage One——According to開頭
    46-50   DCBCA
    46. D) They are just as intelligent and innovative as men.
    47. C) Their failures may have something to do with family duties.
    48. B) Gender bias.
    49. C) The public is undecided about whether it will have more women leaders.
    50. A) A woman in the highest position of government.
    Passage Two——People have grown開頭
    51-55 BCABD
    51. B) There has been a marked increase in most counties.
    52. C) It impacts more on an indigo than on a population.
    53. A) They tend to live longer.
    54. B) They are actually shorter than their earlier generations.
    55. D) Ensure our children grow up in an ideal environment.


    Lion dance as the Chinese traditional folk performance has more than 2,000 years of history. In the lion dance, the two performers share a lion costume. One moves its head, and the other moves its body and tail. They work together skillfully, mimicking the lion's movements. The lion is the king of beasts, symbolizing happiness and good luck, so people usually perform the lion dance during the Spring Festival and other festivals. Lion dance can also be seen on other important occasions, such as store openings and wedding ceremonies, which often attract large crowds.


    Visiting a Local Farm

    Last week the Student Union of our school organized an activity of visiting a local farm, a memorable experience which benefited us a lot. 
    The Student Union organized the activity with the aim of enriching our college life. The students involved in the activity experienced the farm life and realized how laborious it is for farmers to harvest the ripe products. Since it is a significant activity, a great number of students had participated it. Students helped the farmers picking beans and fruits on the farm and helped them to carry the products to the farmers’ markets. It was a really challenging and tiring job.
    Now we all know that we need to cherish every product we purchase from the market, which is the most meaningful inspiration we get. And I really appreciate the hard work of farmers.


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