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    Section A: 1-7
    1. A) He set a record by swimming to and form an island.
    2. A) He doubled the reward.
    3. B) To encourage the late marriage.
    4. D) They will not come into immediate effect.
    5. A) Cleaning service in great demand all over the world.
    6. B) It leaves the house in a mess.
    7. D) Expand their business.
    Section B: 8-15
    8. C) He took the driver’s theory exam.
    9. A) He was not well prepared.
    10. B) They are costly.
    11. A) Pass his road test the first time.
    12. C) Leeds’ tuition for international students
    13. D) Pursue postgraduate studies
    14. B) His outstanding musical talent
    15. D) Teach overseas
    Section C: 16-25
    16. C) Only a few species cause trouble to humans.
    17. B) They can cause damage to people's homes.
    18. A) Deny them access to any food.
    19. D) The change in people’s immune system as they get older.
    20. B) Offer blood samples.
    21. C) Helping improve old people’s health conditions.
    22. D) A group of kids were playing chess after school.
    23. C) Participate in a national chess competition.
    24. A) Most of them come from low-income families.
    25. B) Think twice before taking action.


    標題:The center of開頭
    答案:26-30  HAGDI      31-35 NJEBK
    26. H) migrated
    27. A) bid
    28. G) legislation
    29. D) dominance
    30. I) replace
    31. N) sponsor
    32. J) represent
    33. E) fleets
    34. B) contrast
    35. K) restrictive


    標題:How work開頭
    答案:36-40  IGDNA    41-45  KHFMC


    Passage One——In the classic開頭
    46-50   ADBAC
    46. A) They may not guarantee a lasting marriage.
    47. D) They are more likely to contract serious illness than their wives.
    48. B) They are more likely to be get divorced.
    49. A) They are more accustomed to receiving care.
    50. C) Providing extra care for divorced women.
    Passage Two——If you were開頭
    51-55 BADDC
    51. B) Unhappy
    52. A) It is related to the way our memorial work.
    53. D) Similar pronunciation of names.
    54. D) It most often occurs within a relationship group.
    55. C) They communicate more with their children.


    Lanterns, originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty, were used mostly for lighting at first. In the Tang Dynasty, people used red lanterns to celebrate a stable life. Since then, lanterns have become popular in many parts of China. Lanterns, usually made of colorful thin paper, come in various shapes and sizes. In traditional Chinese culture, red lanterns symbolize the prosperity of life and business, usually hung during the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and National Day. Today, red lanterns can be seen in many other parts of the world.


    On May 1, the student union of our school organized a voluntary activity, that is, the volunteers go to visit the home for the aged and spend time with them.
    Warmly welcomed by the elderly for their arrival, the volunteers and the elderly hugged each other in such friendly atmosphere. Then, the volunteers were busy working. Some were cleaning the floor, rooms and windows. The others were presenting the elderly with flowers and fruits, playing jokes and telling stories.
    Everything done, the volunteers and the elderly chatted in the yard happily. The scene was just like a photo of a whole family. How fantastic human beings are!
    Time flies and then it was time to go back. The elderly people thanked the volunteers for the joys they brought. In a word, the loving activity means a lot and sets a good example to us.


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